How has these past couple months been for you folks??? All I can say is…BRAHHHH!!!! For myself, I feel like I am coming out of the COVID-pandemic storm right now.

It has been a moment of many adjustments. Some hours (yes…hours, not days) I felt great and I felt like I was on it. Other hours, I was losing my mind and felt out of control. There were some moments where I felt sorry for myself and for the situation I was in (and yes…I emotionally ate and blamed “the situation” of the pandemic, rather than “STOP. CHALLENGE. CHOOSE.”). There were other moments where I felt like I had things under control, I was focused on what I needed to do, and chose the habit of health.

I have grown over these past two months. There was a lot of reflection I was doing during this time. For those moments when I felt sorry for myself, I had to take a step back and look at all the blessings that came through. Below are a couple personal experiences I’ve gone through.

I felt sorry Maui was not here with me. He was deployed for the Army National Guard the week after Easter. However…the blessing from Maui being deployed was that he had a job and was able to bring in an income while he was away. At his regular job, work slowed down which meant less hours and less income. So although he was away, it was a blessing for us as he could still financially support his family. (On a side note, Maui came back at the end of May 2020 and I am very grateful to have him home.)

I felt sorry that it was just me taking care of the five kids at home. It was a lot I had to manage:

  • My work-at-home (and at the office) schedule, 
  • The four school kids’ distance learning schedule [and making sure their work was actually getting done and they pressed the SUBMIT button to turn in homework; and making sure no one broke another laptop (2 broke in ONE WEEK!!!!!!!)],
  • The three-year old (yeah…he was a lot and was okay with letting you know he wanted attention),
  • Making sure kids ate and there was always food at home,
  • Keeping the kids busy with new things to do (color, paint, walk, play games, ride bike, go to the pool, chalk on the driveway, make robots out of boxes, watching movies, build forts, etc, etc, etc…..)


It was a lot and at moments I had to cry because I could not do it all. I let kids skip classes online and sleep in. I let the kids sleep whenever they wanted. I ran away to the store or work to just have a moment of quiet time. 

Although it was chaotic in the house, the blessing was that during this time, life seemed to slow down. We were able to enjoy each other. I’m not saying it was all hugs and kisses and kind words all the time. Nope…there were fights, yelling, nagging, arguing, kids saying “I’m bored” or “Can we leave the house?”, and whatnot. But…we didn’t have to be on the road to take kids to school, then go to work, then grab kids from school, then go to all the different sports, then go through drive through for food, grab kids, go home, eat/homework/shower/ sleep. 

We didn’t have to be here and there and everywhere. We could just be home. Enjoy each other. Not have that busy feeling of having to be somewhere. And that has been nice. It has been nice to be able to walk in our neighborhood. To see less cars travelling on the road. By a certain time at night…the roads are pretty empty and it is nice to see that things are a little bit more calm.

I could go on and on…but my main point I wanted to share was that we are all going through this storm together. We are all experiencing different things…good and bad. But when things are feeling too chaotic, take some time and take a step back and find the blessings in the situation.

Let’s continue to optimize our wellness each day!