My name is Nita. I wanted to try out this blogging idea just to share my thoughts and ideas through this new chapter in my life.

I recently left my job as a city engineer at a government agency in Honolulu. It was actually a dream of mines to work at the city, have my children at the nearby preschool and work until I retire. However, once I got was living my “dream”, I felt like something was missing.

I have 5 children and my eldest child will be graduating in May 2020. The time has really flown by quickly. I can’t believe my first baby is moving towards adulthood. My second child is starting middle school, my daughter (child #3) is in her last year of elementary, my fourth child is starting elementary and my baby #5 is in preschool.

I felt I needed to make a decision to leave my “dream” job so I can use my time to care for my children and the household and to pursue entrepreneurship. I never thought I would leave my career as an engineer. It was a secure job. I thought I could do it all: work full time at a “9 to 5” job, and take care of all my children. But over time I learned time does not stop for anyone and my children will not be children forever. I wanted to have more time to support my family but also support my well being. Trying to “do it all” was straining my health.

My last day was on June 28, 2019. It has been an adjustment in July trying to figure out what to do with my time. But with August starting up and kids getting back to school, I am ready to get into a routine. I am ready to kick off strong as this new chapter and thanks for joining me, encouraging me and inspiring me.